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Ready to make momming easier?

Balancing doctor life and mom life is not easy.  You feel like you are busy all day but still have so much left to do when the day is over.  You leave work with unfinished charts so you can get home in time to make dinner and put the kids to bed.  Then you stay up late to finish your charts only to get up early to make your kids’ lunch and repeat the process all over again. 

Is this you?

You want to bring your A game to your doctor and mom life, yet you are left feeling crushed by the demands of both and frustrated there isn’t enough time to do anything well.

You’re tired of feeling overextended at work and home.  The pressure of feeling like you have to be the one to do everything is exhausting.

You are in constant decision fatigue from information overload and you need a reliable resource so you can get things done quickly in a way that meets your standards.

You're not alone

Too much on your plate can lead to Burnout

I went through a period of burnout as I struggled with the demands of early motherhood and my career as a full time pediatrician.

Just like you, my days were filled with charting, answering messages, planning things for the kids, scheduling appointments, paying bills, grocery shopping, and meal planning. My plate was full and there was still so much left to do.

What if you had access to other women physicians who were experts in some aspect of life such as finance, travel, relationships, or organization and you were able to pick their brains?

After putting my life back in balance and reducing my own burnout, I made it my mission to help other overextended doctor moms take things off their plate so they can reclaim their time as I did. I wanted to create a place for doctor moms to learn, laugh, and support each other in all the messy of motherhood. 

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine if it were possible.  Imagine what it would be like to feel like you are winning at “momming” and as a doctor.  Imagine a new life where your home responsibilities are shared, you have quality time with your kids and partner,
and still save time for yourself.

Your life outside the Lounge:

Your life in the Lounge:


Doctor Moms Lounge

Join an exclusive community offering meal plans, cheat sheets and resources for streamlining your mom life, opportunities for personal and relationship growth, and virtual personal assistance for offloading tasks (additional fee) – all built especially for doctor moms.  The lounge is currently full, but the doors will re-open soon to accept new members. Are you ready to create time freedom, thrive in all areas of your life, and embrace feeling successful in motherhood?  

The Community

What You'll Gain

Join the Doctor Moms Lounge Community to receive access to meal plans and cheat sheets and templates to help take the busywork out of momming so you get to have more quality time with your family.  Be part of a supportive community where you get to be you.


Meal Plans

Get a meal plan in your inbox weekly complete with recipes and a shopping list.


Time-Saving Resources: Cheat Sheets & Templates

As a private community, we all benefit from sharing our resources with each other. You will have access to our cheat sheet library to assist with putting together class gifts, keeping a toddler busy, planning a birthday party, finding childcare, and more. 


Connect & Learn: Exclusive Community

We learn best from our peers. Here you will be connected to a private community of women physicians where you can get support through our with virtual coffee hours, cook alongs, and curbside chats with peer experts focused on topics of interest to doctor moms.


Personal Virtual Assistants:
PRN (Additional Fee)

Rest assured when you offload a task, it will be done right. We vet our team of US-based college educated virtual assistants to have the skills to perform at a high level.  They have helped our members with a variety of tasks including:


How Cheat Sheets Work

Let’s say your child got assigned to make a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick’s Day. You can:

A. Spend an hour or two on Google and Pinterest figuring out what that is, how to make it and what to buy. Your time is limited so doing tasks like this mean you lose quality time with your family or precious sleep.


B. Save time by getting the planning part done for you. Simply look up the index page in Doctor Moms Lounge where you would find this cheat sheet with clickable links so you can plan and buy what you need in minutes. If you don’t see a cheatsheet for your project, you can post in our exclusive membership community with the hashtag #wishlist and our shared virtual assistant (who has a background in childhood education and is also a mom) and can make you one. The time you get back is priceless.

Doors will open May 1, 2024!
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All the support you will have access to in one membership:

Weekly Meal Plans

Receive weekly meal plans which include a shopping list, recipes and a schedule for 5 days each week.  Recipes are curated to be easy and time efficient. Use as little or as much as you like. Whether you just need recipe inspiration or want to follow it as written, our meal plans will help you save time.

Cheat Sheets

With access to our cheat sheet library, tasks that would normally take hours can be done in minutes through cheat sheets we will create and share with you.  Need crazy hair day ideas, to find the best toddler cup, or an information sheet to leave the babysitter?  We have you covered! 

Connect & Learn

A private virtual community of likeminded doctor moms where we can share and learn.  In the Doctor Moms Lounge, you will find a private peer community where there will be an open dialogue with virtual community events such as cook alongs, opportunities to connect with other members and peer expert discussions. 

Meet The Founder

Hi, I'm Cherie!

I know firsthand how hard it is to wear all the different hats we wear as doctor moms. I found early motherhood stressful because I believed I had to do “all the things” to be a good mom. Trying to be a supermom was just one of several things that led me to feeling burned out at home and work. It wasn’t until I started caring for myself during my certification in lifestyle medicine that I got back on track. 

After putting my life back in balance and reducing my own burnout, I made it my mission to help other overextended doctor moms take things off their plate so they can reclaim their time as I did. I wanted to create a place for doctor moms to learn, laugh, and support each other in all the messy of motherhood. 

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