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Our meal plans, cheat sheets and personal assistants help take the busywork out of momming so you can focus on what matters to you most.

Exclusive CORE Membership benefits

Weekly Meal Plans

Receive weekly meal plans which include a shopping list, recipes, and a schedule for 5 days each week.  Recipes are curated to be easy and time efficient. Use as little or as much as you like whether you just need recipe inspiration or follow it as written, our meal plans will help save you time

Cheat Sheets

With access to our cheat sheet library, tasks that would normally take hours can be done in minutes through cheat sheets we create and share with you.  Need crazy hair day ideas. to find the best toddler cup, or an information sheet to leave the babysitter?  We have you covered!  Check out our sample cheat sheet below.

Connect & Learn

A private virtual community of likeminded doctor moms where we can share and learn.  In the Doctor Moms Lounge, you will find a private peer community where there will be an open dialogue with virtual community events such as cook alongs, opportunities to connect with other members and peer expert discussions. 

How Cheat Sheets Work

Let’s say your child got assigned to make a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick’s Day. You can:

A. Spend an hour or two on Google and Pinterest figuring out what that is, how to make it and what to buy. Your time is limited so doing tasks like this mean you lose quality time with your family or precious sleep.


B. Save time by getting the planning part done for you. Simply look up the index page in Doctor Moms Lounge where you would find this cheat sheet with clickable links so you can plan and buy what you need in minutes.  The time you get back is priceless.


I’m Cherie, a pediatrician, lifestyle medicine doctor, and mom of twins.

I know firsthand how hard it is to wear all the different hats we wear as doctor moms. Pump while charting and eating lunch?  Plan a birthday party in the middle of the night while waiting for your baby to fall back asleep hoping your phone doesn’t ring because you’re on call? Coordinate pickup when school calls because your child is sick but you’re stuck at work? Check. Check. And check. 

With the many conversations I’ve had with the moms in my life both professionally and personally, I know we all face similar struggles. I have honed in on what we need help with the most.  It’s all about practical solutions mixed with a pinch of mindset and that’s exactly what you’ll find in Doctor Moms Lounge.


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